______ Solutions & Achievements


Enterprise solutions

Vano is a professional and reputable unit in the field of telecommunications. With a team of experienced staff, our company is confident to bring core values for the business to grow stronger and stronger.

Digital content service solutions

Providing value-added services on telecommunications networks;
Providing information content services on mobile telecommunications networks;
Providing value-added telecommunications services on telecommunications networks: e-mail services; voicemail service; value-added fax services; Internet access services; VOIP service;
Provide value-added services on SMS;
Providing online game services, video games (on mobile phones)

Solutions on AI, ML, Big Data,...

With a team of experienced technicians in the fields of Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Big data. Providing high-tech application solutions such as AI/ML/Big Data to solve practical problems of enterprises, helping them optimize operations as well as increase competitive advantage.

Social media

VANO always attaches great importance to expanding the content repository by promoting cooperation with major domestic and foreign partners. In which, many partners own high-quality content stores, hit the gold button on Youtube, famous movies are highly appreciated on IMDb and tens of thousands of famous music works at home and abroad.


Constantly innovating and reaching out, stay ahead of pioneering in the field of telecommunications technology, services and solutions - VANO has always affirmed our position as a strategic partner of major network operators in Vietnam such as MobiFone, Viettel, Vinaphone: Providing high-quality services, attracting a large number of loyal customers, accounting for the highest proportion of revenue among the network operators partners.
For us, human, technology and life values are the core goals.


Become a strategic partner on MobiFone network, an important partner of Viettel and VinaPhone.


Great reputation in the digital content service market for domestic and international copyright partners.


Building, researching, developing, and launching 20++ products and services to the market.

Human Resources

150% growth


Developing products applying artificial intelligence technology, high technology, the core technology in cooperation with network operators

Products and services

Cooperated and deployed many high-quality services, attracting a large number of customers to participate on all 3 networks MobiFone, Viettel, VinaPhone.


Build and develop ~10 youtube channels with many new, unique and attractive content.